beaverton tavern salad bar

Meet Your Healthy New Year’s Goals in 2024 with the Beaverton Tavern Salad Bar! 

Eating Healthy at the Beaverton Tavern Made Easier with Our Well-Stocked Salad Bar 

Beaverton Tavern knows that many in Gladwin County are trying to be committed to eating healthier in 2024. As such, we strive to make it easy to achieve those goals when you and the family go out to eat in the Gladwin area. For all of us focused on healthy eating this year, we are proud to offer a well-stocked salad bar option! We make sure that you have plenty of vegetables and additional traditional toppings to add to your salad for your favorite bite every time! It’s not easy to find a restaurant that offers a good salad bar anymore, but you will find that and more at Beaverton Tavern! 

There are also plenty of ways to enjoy our salad bar! You can have it as your main meal option, or you can add it on to any of our delicious menu items such as our chicken sandwich! We also offer a kid’s salad bar if your little ones want to try this delicious and nutritious option.  

Make Beaverton Tavern your go-to family destination for healthy and delicious food in the Gladwin area in 2024! 

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