delicious mexican food in gladwin county

Treat Yourself to Delicious Mexican Food in Gladwin County 

You Can Eat Mouth-Watering Mexican Food from Beaverton Tavern 

Beaverton Tavern is not just a place where you can have delicious burgers and other standard tavern staples. If you are a fan of Mexican food and are looking for a great place in Gladwin County to get some amazing Mexican meals, why not visit our restaurant today? From quesadillas to burritos, we have something for everyone to enjoy when they visit us in Beaverton. Treat yourself and your family to a fun and friendly atmosphere while partaking in tasty Mexican dishes when you make the Beaverton Tavern your next destination for a night out.  

Mexican Food Examples at the Beaverton Tavern 

Quesadillas (Cheese or Chicken) – A classic Mexican favorite, our quesadillas are filled with quality ingredients to make them some of the best you’ve ever tasted. Whether eating a standard cheese quesadilla or having juicy chicken seasoned with fajita spices added for an even more hearty meal, this is sure to be a top choice in your family! With the chicken quesadilla, you can also choose to add Spanish rice and refried beans for a full Mexican tasting experience. 

Nachos (Cheese/Chili/Supreme) – We make sure that when you order a plate of our nachos, you are treated to a dish topped with only top-quality ingredients. If you want to add an American twist to your plate of nachos, we suggest our Chili Nachos. Taking our standard cheese variety and topping them with our outstanding chili, you get a unique combination of Tex-Mex tastes that we know you’ll absolutely adore! 

Burritos (Wet Burrito/Deep-Fried Chili Burrito) – We make eating a burrito even more enjoyable than the ones you find at other Mexican establishments. Our Wet Burrito is filled with our special seasoned beef and refried beans, then topped with a special sauce that elevates the entire dish to another level. If you prefer fried food, we take a burrito filled with options such as chicken, beef, or pork and then deep fry it. Afterward, we top it with our chili to give you a Mexican food experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Gladwin County!  

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