beaverton tavern kid's menu

The Beaverton Tavern is Home to an Extensive Kid’s Menu for Your Hungry Little Ones!

Don’t Settle for a Lacking Kid’s Menu, See All the Options That the Beaverton Tavern Has to Offer 

Beaverton Tavern isn’t just home to a vast menu full of classic American favorites and other specialties such as Mexican food for adults. We make sure that your little ones in the family have plenty of options to choose from when you visit our Gladwin, Michigan area restaurant! Our Kid’s Menu isn’t boring either, as we have many of the same delicious items from the regular menu found on it! As such, we make eating out for the whole family a great experience when you choose the BT for your next family night dinner! 

Kid’s Menu Examples – 

Kid’s Burger / Cheeseburger – A staple of any good restaurant in the Gladwin area, our burgers are juicy and loaded with delicious toppings. Just like the grown-ups in your family, our kid’s menu burgers will make sure that your little ones have a great time enjoying every bite! The cheeseburger can be made with either American cheese or Swiss if your kids prefer, and our burgers are served with our consistently crispy fries! 

Mexican Food – If your kids enjoy Mexican food, we have smaller portions of our various menu items that are perfect for their smaller appetites. Whether it’s tacos, nachos, a quesadilla, or our Mexican roll-ups, your kids will have plenty of options to choose from. Our nachos come in cheese or supreme, while we have cheese or chicken quesadillas available. Fries are served with all these items as well. 

Hot Dog / Chicken Strips – These are staple members of any kid’s menu, and ours are fantastic! Our plump hot dogs and crispy chicken strips are sure to be a hit with your children when you stop by for a meal! Kids can top their hot dogs with classic condiments such as ketchup and mustard, while we have a variety of fan-favorite dipping sauces for the chicken strips. If you want the knowledge that your kids can find delicious food that they know, give these items a try!  

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