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Make a Delicious Beaverton Pizza Your Next Family Meal! 

Choose a Delicious Beaverton Tavern Pizza to Make Your Next Meal with the Family Quick & Easy! 

Beaverton Tavern knows it’s hard to beat a great pizza on a weeknight. If you’re looking for a quick option that you and your family will love in the Gladwin County area, why not purchase a hot and delicious pizza from the Beaverton Tavern? Our pizza is a hit with many residents because of our special sauce and selection of high-quality toppings! So, whether you are planning on stopping in for a meal, or you just need to pop in to pick your pies up, we are confident that you’ll love any of the fantastic choices we have on our menu! Partner it with an order of our cheesy bread for a filling meal! 

Pizza Options for Any Preference at the Beaverton Tavern 

BLT Pizza – Taking the classic sandwich and turning it into a Beaverton Tavern pizza specialty, our BLT pizza has the ingredients you crave for a different take on your favorite. Our crispy bacon will leave your mouth watering, while you also appreciate the crispy crunch of lettuce and tomato. We use mayo as the sauce for the complete BLT experience!  

Veggie Pizza – Trying to cut back on meat or are you a vegetarian? Our veggie pizza is topped with a wide array of quality ingredients that even meat lovers will appreciate. Mushrooms, green peppers, and green olives add a variety of flavors from meaty to salty. You can even order it with extra cheese if you’d like! 

Build Your Own Pizzas – Even with our diverse array of specialty pizzas available, we know that sometimes you just want to make that pizza with a selection of toppings that aren’t found on any of our specialty options. With our build your own option, you can make your pizza exactly how you like it! Are you a pineapple lover or do you prefer a more conventional array of toppings? We have so many great choices for you to choose from! 

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