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Gather Your Friends for a Meal at the Beaverton Tavern

Beaverton Tavern is Ready to Serve Your Large Group near Gladwin, MI 

The Beaverton Tavern is always happy to have large groups of friends and family get together for an afternoon or night full of great food and fun. If you are planning on having a group of 20 or more visit our Gladwin County restaurant and bar for a get-together, we highly recommend reserving a table with us in advance before you arrive by calling (989) 435-6047. By doing so, we can better prepare to serve your large group with the same friendly service and high-quality food that we know you come to our establishment to enjoy! You can also be confident that we have menu items to cater to anybody in your group! 

Examples of Various Food Options to Meet Your Group’s Preferences 

Grinders & Handheld Sandwiches – Our grinders and other handheld sandwiches are perfect for those who like having plenty of delicious ingredients that are easy to eat. Take our BLT grinder for example, which takes the classic ingredients we all know and love and elevates it with mozzarella cheese. Alternatively, we have a fish sandwich available for pescatarians or those who just want a different way to enjoy a sandwich with the group! 

Mexican Food – We have a wide array of Mexican food options for those in your party who enjoy those zesty flavors and want to find them in Northern Michigan. From classics such as nachos to our special Wet Burrito, there is something for any food lover. We also have a Mexican pizza available that takes the conventional taco-eating experience and transforms it into a delicious pizza! You’ll love all the bold flavors we pack into our Mexican food dishes! 

Soups & Salads – Are you a vegetarian, have someone in the group who is, or are you just looking for a lighter meal while you’re out celebrating? We have a fully stocked salad bar available for you! We also have our Soup of the Day and our homemade chili available for those who don’t want a full-blown meal but enjoy a warm and hearty bowl of delicious food!  

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