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Make a Beaverton Tavern Pizza a Highlight of Your Next Football Party

Choose a Beaverton Tavern Pizza at Your Next Gladwin-Area Football Party 

Are you looking for a fan-favorite food for your next football party? Whether you’re having a tailgating party at a local game or rooting for a college or NFL team, why not enjoy the game with a delicious Beaverton Tavern pizza! We are proud to offer our Gladwin area patrons a great-tasting selection of pizza options to please any party participant. We have the traditional favorites of cheese or pepperoni, as well as some unique choices we know you’ll love. Call us today at (989) 435-6047 or use our online menu to order your pizzas for convenient pickup! 

Examples of Specialty Pizza Options Available 

BBQ Chicken – If you don’t want to barbecue or grill at your next party but still want that smoky BBQ taste, why not try our BBQ Chicken pizza? You’ll love the familiar taste of your favorite BBQ chicken recipe on top of a mouthwatering pizza. This is a great option for any gameday celebration! 

BT Deluxe – Our deluxe pizza is nothing short of special! Loaded with all of your favorite toppings, there is something for everyone to love with this pie. Not only do you get bacon, ham, and Italian sausage, but you also get mushrooms and green peppers among other delicious items to create an explosion of flavor with every bite!  

Veggie Lovers -If you’re a vegetarian and want to experience more than just cheese on your slice of pie, we have you covered at the Beaverton Tavern! Our Veggie Lovers pizza is loaded with plenty of vegetables that will leave you coming back for more. The toppings you get are green peppers, onions, green olives, and mushrooms. This is even a great choice for non-vegetarians who love traditional veggie toppings!  

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