Grab a snack from Beaverton Tavern for your day at Ross Lake

A Trip to Ross Lake Made Better with a Delicious Beaverton Tavern Grinder or Handheld Sandwich

Make Your Next Trip to Ross Lake Great with a Grinder or Handheld Sandwich from Beaverton Tavern!

Beaverton Tavern is proud to offer a delicious selection of grinders and other handheld sandwiches that are convenient to take with you and your family on your next adventure.  Are you and your family going to spend the day enjoying the water and sights at Ross Lake? Why not bring along a grinder or sandwich from our restaurant and have a satisfying meal to go along with your adventure? No matter if you are already in Beaverton or making the drive to Ross Lake from Gladwin or anywhere in Northern Michigan, Beaverton Tavern is a convenient way to grab lunch.  You can easily place an order through our online menu or call us at (989) 435-6047 to order over the phone!

Examples of Our Delicious and Satisfying Grinders & Handheld Sandwiches

Grinders – We have four different grinder options to choose from. Our classic BLT grinder tastes just like your favorite sandwich growing up, while the Pizza Grinder is like having your favorite pizza in an easy to eat sandwich! We also have an Italian option that comes loaded with quality pepperoni and ham, along with various veggies such as peppers, onions, and tomatoes! Finally, our Chicken Ranch adds bacon to deliver a taste sensation you’ll adore.

Burgers & Sandwiches – Are you a burger purist? Our half-pound patty can be topped with a wide variety of toppings and cooked to your liking for a great lunch while out enjoying the water! For our other sandwiches, we offer a chicken and a fish sandwich. The chicken sandwich comes loaded with other goodies like tomato and mayo, while the fish sandwich is complemented with tartar sauce for our take on the classic sandwich!

Hot Dogs – Need something even easier to hold in one hand while enjoying your day at Ross Lake? We have a traditional hot dog and a Coney Dog available for purchase as well. These are great choices for the whole family as well as they are filling, delicious, and easy to eat!

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